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ImageGear.Core Assembly / ImageGear.Formats Namespace / ImGearFormats Enumeration

In This Topic
    ImGearFormats Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Lists all ImageGear supported file formats.
    Public Enum ImGearFormats 
       Inherits System.Enum
    Dim instance As ImGearFormats
    public enum ImGearFormats : System.Enum 
    __value public enum ImGearFormats : public System.Enum 
    public enum class ImGearFormats : public System.Enum 
    BMP1Standard Windows format including OS/2 bitmap format.
    CLP3Windows Clipboard format for raster images.
    CUR27Windows mouse cursor format.
    DOCX72Office Open XML Word format, also used for Office Word 97-2003.
    EML77 EML email format.
    GIF5Graphic Image format developed originally in accommodate the transmission of images via a modem; uses LZW compression algorithm.
    ICO26Windows ICON format.
    JPG46JPEG File Interchange Format.
    MSG76 MSG email format.
    PDF13Adobe Portable Document Format.
    PNG14Portable Network Graphics.
    PPTX75Office Open XML PowerPoint format, also used for Office Power Point 97-2003.
    PS15PostScript language files.
    RAW73 Headerless RAW format.
    SVG49Scalable Vector Graphics format.
    TIF20Tagged Image File Format.
    UNKNOWN0Unknown format.
    XLSX74Office Open XML Excel format, also used for Office Excel 97-2003.
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