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ImageGear.Core Assembly / ImageGear.Formats Namespace / ImGearFileFilters Class

In This Topic
    ImGearFileFilters Class
    In This Topic
    Provides access to formats settings.
    Object Model
    ImGearFileFilters Class
    Public NotInheritable Class ImGearFileFilters 
    Dim instance As ImGearFileFilters
    public sealed class ImGearFileFilters 
    public __gc __sealed class ImGearFileFilters 
    public ref class ImGearFileFilters sealed 
    This class allows you to manage file formats and provides access to their settings. It contains a list of formats ImageGear is working with and provides an API for accessing and editing this list. When the format of an image is being detected, the formats are called in the order in which they are contained in the list.

    The majority of file formats are added to the list automatically during class initialization. However, you need to add optional formats such as PDF and PostScript explicitly. If you do not need a particular format, you can remove it from the list. Re-ordering formats in the list allows you to optimize the format detection process. You can control a format's settings by getting a format from the list and accessing it via the IImGearformat interface.

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