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LoadDocument(Stream) Method

ImageGear24.Core Assembly > ImageGear.Formats Namespace > ImGearFileFormats Class > LoadDocument Method : LoadDocument(Stream) Method
The data stream containing an image.
Loads all pages from an image.
Public Overloads Shared Function LoadDocument( _
   ByVal stream As Stream _
) As ImGearDocument
Dim stream As Stream
Dim value As ImGearDocument
value = ImGearFileFormats.LoadDocument(stream)
public static ImGearDocument LoadDocument( 
   Stream stream
public: static ImGearDocument* LoadDocument( 
   Stream* stream
static ImGearDocument^ LoadDocument( 
   Stream^ stream


The data stream containing an image.

Return Value

A new instance of ImageGear.Core.ImGearDocument class.
Office document is protected by password.
This method allows you to load all pages in a single call and get access to the document level metadata of an image. It is recommended to use this method when working with PDF format since pages inside a PDF file depend on each other, and thus, loading them at once (as a document) is preferable to loading pages individually. If the format of an image cannot be detected, an exception is thrown. If the document size is close to 2GB, an exception of System.OutOfMemoryException will be thrown.
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