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Main class for working with file formats.
Object Model
ImGearFileFormats ClassIImGearFormat InterfaceImGearFileFilters ClassImGearDocument ClassImGearMetadataHead ClassImGearPage ClassImGearPage ClassImGearMetadataHead Class
Public NotInheritable Class ImGearFileFormats 
Dim instance As ImGearFileFormats
public sealed class ImGearFileFormats 
public __gc __sealed class ImGearFileFormats 
public ref class ImGearFileFormats sealed 
This is the main class for working with file formats. It contains an API for loading, detecting and saving images, getting image information, and provides access to format's settings class. The image is read from and written to a .NET stream. In order for ImageGear to work with the stream, it must be seekable. Consult ImageGear sample code for the examples of how to create a .NET stream from different image sources (i.e., file, memory, URL).
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