ImageGear .NET v24.14 - Updated
ImageGear24.Core Assembly
The ImageGear.Core namespace is the basis of the ImageGear for .NET toolkit. This namespace contains classes to operate with graphics primitives, to license the product and, most importantly, primary ImageGear entities like page and document.
The ImageGear.Display namespace provides the ImageGear for .NET API for displaying and printing.

ImageGear.Formats namespace provides the ImageGear for .NET API for working with formats filters, thumbnails and formats metadata.

This namespace provides enumerations values for JPEG format filter control parameters.

This namespace provides public API for TIFF format metadata operating and for TIFF filter control parameters.

This namespace represents the image and color processing API that allows you to promote or reduce colors using different interpolation algorithms. This API also allows you to rotate, flip, resize and crop images and provides image transformation methods such as remove red eye, perspective, solarize, warp, wave, etc.
ImageGear.Processing.Layers namespace provides API for creating and editing image layers. It includes ImGearLayeredPage class, which contains a raster composition image and an array of layers.