Accusoft BarcodeXpress v12.2 - Updated
MakeBarcodeMinHeight Property
AccusoftBarcodeXpress12 ActiveX DLL > BarcodeXpress Object : MakeBarcodeMinHeight Property
Minimum height of the bars when creating a barcode.
Property Type
Read-write property
Visual Basic
Public Property MakeBarcodeMinHeight As Long
Return Type
A long value which represents the minimum height of the bars.

The default value is 100 pixels.

For PDF417, this value is used as a multiplier of the MakeBarcodeBarSize used to determine the height of the barcode rows. This value should range between 3 and 5.

If a value is provided for Data Matrix barcode, it will be ignored.

If MakeBarcodeAutoSize is set to True, it will override the MakeBarcodeMinHeight property value, and set the image height to fit the height of the barcode created.

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