Accusoft BarcodeXpress v12.2 - Updated
MakeBarcodeAutoSize Property
AccusoftBarcodeXpress12 ActiveX DLL > BarcodeXpress Object : MakeBarcodeAutoSize Property
Allows for dynamic sizing of the image when creating a barcode.
Property Type
Read-write property
Visual Basic
Public Property MakeBarcodeAutoSize As Boolean
Return Type
A boolean value which is True to dynamically set the sizing of the image.

The default value is True.

When True, the image width and/or height will increase to fit the complete barcode.

If False, the image area will be defined by MakeBarcodeWidth and MakeBarcodeHeight. In this case, if the required size of the barcode is too large, an insufficient size error will be returned to ErrorCode when MakeBarcode is called.

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