Accusoft BarcodeXpress v12.2 - Updated
MakeBarcodeBarSize Property
AccusoftBarcodeXpress12 ActiveX DLL > BarcodeXpress Object : MakeBarcodeBarSize Property
Minimum width of the bars when creating a barcode.
Property Type
Read-write property
Visual Basic
Public Property MakeBarcodeBarSize As Integer
Return Type
An integer value which represents the minimum width of the bars.

The default value is 3.

This value will be used as the single bar size, unless the MakeBarcodeAdjustBarSize property is True, in which case, the bar size used could be greater than this value.

The minimum bar size cannot be less than 2 pixel.

Accurate barcode recognition using Barcode Xpress requires that the minimum bar size be at least 2 pixels, with the exception of a PatchCode, which requires a bar size of at least 5 pixels.

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