Accusoft BarcodeXpress v12.2 - Updated
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Accusoft BarcodeXpress v12.2
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BarcodeXpress Class
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The Australian Post 4 State barcode supports a customer section in both the Customer Barcode 2 and Customer Barcode 3 formats.
Indicates an Add 5 barcode type.Specifies a barcode type.
Option value which determines the barcode type.

Defines the amount of error information to write to the DebugLogFile.

The choice of evaluation mode for the component.

Specifies the source from which to load the bitmap for barcode recognition.

Specifies the ink color for barcodes search.

Specifies state transitions in the barcode reader's internal state.
Specifies the orientation for the barcode search.
Specifies the text to display adjacent to the created barcode.