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Because debugging and writing debug information to a log file is time consuming and expensive, Barcode Xpress provides the ability to control the level of information written to the debug log as well as the ability to turn off writing to a file completely.

Use the objects below to adjust the settings of your debugging, event handling, memory, and IDispose for optimal performance.

Control Debugging Information


Event Handling

Barcode Xpress may throw a number of exceptions if it comes across errors or events that need to be handled by the application. These exceptions are tabulated below:

Exception Description
ColumnCountException Thrown if the input columns are outside the valid range for a 2D barcode type to be created.
ErrorCorrectionLevelTooHighException Thrown if the input barcode data will fit in the 2D barcode but the error correction words will not fit because there are more error words than will fit in the remainder of the symbol.
ImageNotAvailableException Thrown whenever there is no image available for an operation that requires one.
InsufficientHeightException Thrown if the Height value set by the user is smaller than the required height of the barcode.
InsufficientWidthException Thrown if the barcode Width value set by the user is smaller than the required width of the barcode.
InternalErrorException Thrown whenever an unhandled exception is encountered.
InvalidAreaException Thrown whenever an invalid area is used in barcode recognition.
InvalidBarcodeValueException Thrown if the BarcodeValue is NULL, or if the barcode value set is invalid for the current barcode type.
InvalidBitmapException Thrown if an invalid bitmap is detected.
InvalidErrorCorrectionLevelException Thrown if the error correction level is not in the valid range for the 2D barcode type.
InvalidIndexException Thrown if a request for results is outside the valid range.
InvalidLicenseException Thrown if an invalid license is detected.
InvalidParameterException Thrown if a parameter is invalid.
LargeDataSizeException Thrown if the barcode data will not fit in the current symbols rows and columns.
OutOfMemoryException Thrown if the creation of the bitmap to draw the barcode fails.
ParameterOutOfRangeException Thrown if a parameter is out of range.
PDF417EncodingException Thrown if an internal exception has occurred while trying to encode the barcode data.
RowCountException Thrown if the input columns are outside the valid range of the 2D barcode type to be created.
StringParseErrorException Thrown if a parse error is encountered in the ReadFromStream method.
TimeoutErrorException This exception is not used.
UnableCreateUPCEException Thrown if the function to expand a UPC-E value to a UPC-A value fails.
UnableReadBarcodeTypeException Thrown if an unsupported barcode type is detected.
UnsupportedBarcodeTypeException Thrown if an unsupported barcode type is detected.
UnableReadBitmapException Thrown when a bitmap cannot be read, possibly because of an invalid bitmap handle.

Error Codes

Listed below is a cross reference of error codes and their corresponding descriptions.

Error Codes Error Description
9000 OutOfMemoryException There is not enough memory to continue the operation.
9001 InvalidParameterException Invalid parameter.
9002 ParameterOutOfRangeException Parameter out of range.
9003 InvalidBitmapException Invalid bitmap.
9004 UnableReadbitmapException Unable to read bitmap.
9005 UnsupportBarcodeTypeException Unsupported barcode type.
9006 InvalidIndexException Invalid index.
9007 InvalidBarcodeValueException Invalid barcode value set.
9008 InsufficientWidthException Insufficient barcode width.
9009 InsufficientHeightException Insufficient barcode height.
9010 UnableCreateUPCEException Unable to create UPC-E Barcode.
9011 InvalidLicenseException Invalid license.
9012 TimeoutErrorException Timeout Error.
9013 ImageNotAvailableException Image not available.
9014 InternalErrorException Internal error.
9015 InvalidAreaException Area is outside required range.
9100 PDF417EncodingException PDF417 encoding error.
9101 RowCountException Invalid row count for the barcode type.
9102 ColumnCountException Invalid column count for the barcode type.
9104 LargeDataSizeException Barcode data too large for the barcode symbol size.
9105 InvalidErrorCorrectionLevelException Error correction level is invalid.
9106 ErrorCorrectionLevelTooHighException Error correction level is too high, will not fit in barcode symbol with the data.
9200 StreamParseException An error was encountered while parsing the stream data in the ReadFromStream method.

If you receive a System.PlatformNotSupportedException on a 64-bit operating system, check that the application has been compiled for the x86 platform.

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