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In order to read or write 2D barcodes, you must purchase either the 1D/2D Standard or 1D/2D Professional edition of Barcode Xpress.

Each 2D barcode type supported by Barcode Xpress has its own object type. Barcode Xpress supports the creation of QR Code, Data Matrix, and PDF417 barcodes.

Object Description
WriterDataMatrix The object which can write out a Data Matrix barcode.
WriterPDF417 The object which can write out a PDF417 barcode.
WriterQRCode The object which can write out a QR Code barcode.

Although Barcode Xpress supports reading of Aztec, writing is not supported.

Basic Steps to Create a 2D Barcode

  1. Instantiate the writer class for the barcode type you want to create.

  2. Set the value you want to create.

    Property Description
    BarcodeValue Gets and sets the value of the barcode to be created.
    BarcodeData Gets and sets the current barcode value as an array of bytes used only if non-ASCII text values are needed.
  3. Call either the Create method (to create an hDib) or the CreateBitmap method (to create a System.Drawing.Bitmap) from the instanced writer class. These methods will return an image with the desired barcode.

    Method Description
    Create The main method for creating barcodes.
    CreateBitmap Creates bitmap barcodes.


For guidelines on writing QR Code, PDF417, and Data Matrix barcodes, see:

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