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FieldType Property (Reader)

Accusoft.SmartZoneICR.Net Assembly > Accusoft.SmartZoneICRSdk Namespace > Reader Class : FieldType Property
Gets and sets the expected format (type) of text being recognized.
Public Property FieldType As FieldType
Dim instance As Reader
Dim value As FieldType
instance.FieldType = value
value = instance.FieldType
public FieldType FieldType {get; set;}
public: __property FieldType get_FieldType();
public: __property void set_FieldType( 
   FieldType value
property FieldType FieldType {
   FieldType get();
   void set (    FieldType value);
The value is less than first FieldType member, GeneralText, or larger than last FieldType member, Unknown.
The value equals to UnknownField.
Setting the field type appropriately can enhance the recognition accuracy by providing information to the control regarding expected content. The FieldType Enumeration provides different predefined formats that the analyzed text could be defined.

Allowed values: GeneralText, Currency, CurrencyPlus, Date, Email, SocialSecurityNumber, Time, UnitedStatesPhoneNumber, URL, RegularExpression and DataValidationList

Default value: GeneralText

This is the input parameter for analyzing a filed where as the FieldType in the TextBlockResult is the output.

This setting is best to be used combining with appropriate CharacterSet settings.

This setting can be supplemented by providing custom regular expressions to the field type of interest.

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