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FieldType Property (TextBlockResult)

Accusoft.SmartZoneICR.Net Assembly > Accusoft.SmartZoneICRSdk Namespace > TextBlockResult Class : FieldType Property
Gets the FieldType of the TextBlockResult.
Public ReadOnly Property FieldType As FieldType
Dim instance As TextBlockResult
Dim value As FieldType
value = instance.FieldType
public FieldType FieldType {get;}
public: __property FieldType get_FieldType();
property FieldType FieldType {
   FieldType get();

This read-only property indicates the field type that the TextBlockResult is recognized as. If field recognition is successful, FieldType will return the same value that was specified as the Reader parameter. If field recognition was not successful, FieldType will return a value of Unknown. Recognition results will be provided in both cases.

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