The file size of your output document may be much larger than the original document if you are converting or merging a PDF, Word document or other document into a raster image.

Supported File Formats shows a list of file formats and their supported bit depths. Please see the following suggestions to reduce the file size:

Use one of the following methods prior to decompression to reduce the output dots per inch (DPI) or bit depth. Please see Image Quality Manipulation for more detailed information.

  • IMGLOW_set_document_input(int dpi, int bits_pix, int format) converts PDF, Word, Excel, PCL and AFP formats.
  • IMGLOW_set_pcl_input(int dpi, int bits_pix) converts PCL formats only.
  • IMGLOW_set_pdf_input(int dpi, int bits_pix) converts PDF formats only.

Use one of the following color reduction methods to reduce 8-bit and 24-bit images to smaller gray scale images. Please see Color Manipulation Methods for more detailed information:

  • IMG_color_gray() converts 24-bit color images to 8-bit gray scale images.
  • IMG_resize_to_gray(int xsize, int ysize) resizes a 1-bit black and white image to a (smaller) 8-bit grayscale image.
  • IMG_diffusion_mono() converts 4, 8 or 24 bit images to 1-bit per pixel bi-level images using the Stucky error diffusion technique.