Your XLS or XLSX page content may be truncated because XLS and HTML formats do not include the page size in the document like Word and PDF. It can be set explicitly similar to how you can set the page size when printing. To set the page size to avoid truncated content, use the IMGLOW_set_document_input (int dpi, int bits_pix, int format , int width, int height) method as shown in the example below.

To explicitly set the page size to US Letter 8.5”x11”, use: IMGLOW_set_document_input(300, 24, Defines.EXEL, 8.5, 11.0)

If you have more than one XLSX file open in the evaluation version of RasterMaster Java, you may get a -38 EXCEPTION_ERROR error. The workaround is to only open one XLSX document at a time in the evaluation version.