This sample is an image viewer that demonstrates the following image manipulations: altering the viewable size, changing the orientation, changing the size and resolution, making corrections, and flipping through pages of a multi-page file. You can find the samples in the \samples\annapp\ directory.

This sample also demonstrates several annotation methods, such as adding edits, bitmaps, lines, sticky notes, and more through a variety of methods. These annotations can be in both text and graphic format.

For instructions on running this sample, please see the instructions to Run RasterMaster samples in your IDE or to Run samples from the Command Prompt in the Overview.

Listed below are the methods used in this sample:

  • IMG_decompress_bitmap(String, int) reads in a document in any format and converts it to a valid RasterMaster image.
  • IMG_deskew_bitmap(int) is a fast rotate for 1-bit skewed images.
  • IMG_despeckle_bitmap(int) removes noise (random pixel data) from 1-bit images.
  • IMG_display_bitmap(java.awt.Graphics, int, int, int, int) displays the current image at the current X and Y coordinates and is not corrected for aspect ratio.
  • IMG_display_bitmap_aspect(java.awt.Graphics,java.awt.Container, int, int, int, int, int) displays the current image, corrected for aspect ratio, at the current X and Y coordinates.
  • IMG_erase_rect(int, int, int, int, int, int, int) fills the inside or outside of the specified rectangle(xs, ys, xsize, and ysize parameters) with the color passed in. It can be used to remove borders, for instance.
  • IMG_flip_bitmapx(void) flips the image horizontally to produce a mirror image.
  • IMG_flip_bitmapy(void) flips the image vertically to produce a mirror image.
  • IMG_get_deskew_angle(int[], int, int) returns the skew angle for 1-bit images.
  • IMG_invert_bitmap(void) inverts the current image, changing pixels by a simple XOR operation applied to each byte of the image in memory.
  • IMG_merge_block(Snow.Snowbnd, int, int, int) draws a source image on top of the current image at the x and y coordinates(x pos and y pos) passed in.
  • IMG_print_applet_pages(java.awt.Container, int) prints high-resolution multi-page documents from applets.
  • IMG_resize_bitmap(int, int) resizes the image.
  • IMG_rotate_bitmap(int) rotates the current image clockwise by display angle.
  • IMG_save_bitmap(byte, int) saves the current Snowbnd image object to the format specifiedbycomp_type. The string value is the output file.
  • IMG_scroll_bitmap(java.awt.Container,java.awt.Event) scrolls the bitmap. It essentially moves the current cropping rectangle in the direction indicated by the Scroll Bar thumb. For users who do not want the scroll bars visible, a similar effect can be achieved by moving the cropping rectangle around using IMG_set_croprect.
  • IMG_window_level(int, int, int) changes the range of displayed pixels. It performs window leveling and 16-bit gray scale images.
  • SANN_read_ann(DataInputStream, int) reads an annotation file from disk. Pathnames are absolute. It supports multi-page annotation files.
  • SANN_set_croprect(int, int, int, int) sets the cropping rectangle is essentially the size of the display container (whichisusuallyasubclassofjava.awt.Container), mapped on to the image(corrected for image scaling).
  • SANN_display_annotations(java.awt.Graphics, java.awt.Container, int, int, int, int) displays all current annotations (superimposes on the image) to the Graphics context pointed by g.
  • GetClientRect(java.awt.Container, Snow.SANN_RECT) fills a SANN_RECT object with the current height and width of the display area.
  • SANN_highlight_object(java.awt.Container, Snow.SANN_RECT, int) highlights the bounding box of the annotation object specified by graphic_num.
  • ui_delete(java.awt.Container) deletes the currently selected annotation object. It is used by a built in annotation editing pop-up menu to fire the SANN_delete_object method on the currently selected annotation object.
  • ui_startmove(java.awt.Container) notifies the annotation library that the current annotation object is being moved.
  • ui_startresize(java.awt.Container) notifies the annotation library that the current annotation object is being resized.
  • ui_wm_lbuttondown(java.awt.Container, int, int, byte[]) begins tracking mouse movements when the mouse button is pressed. Call this method during the mouse down or mouse pressed events.
  • ui_wm_mousemove(java.awt.Container, int, int, byte) notifies the library of the current mouse coordinates.
  • ui_wm_lbuttonup(java.awt.Container, int, int, byte[]) notifies the annotation library that the mouse button has been released.
  • SANN_write_ann(String, int, byte[]) writes out annotations to the disk file.
  • SANN_activate_all_objects(void) activates all text based annotation objects to allow text editing in the TextArea represented by these objects. Currently used only on the SANN_EDIT and SANN_POSTIT objects.
  • SANN_deactivate_all_objects(void) is used on the SANN_EDIT and SANN_POSTIT objects to disallow editing of text in all text based objects. It makes the window inactive and draws the object data statically, superimposed on the image.
  • SnowAnn Sann= new SnowAnn(int, int);
  • Snowbnd()