This sample demonstrates creating thumbnails. When an image is opened, the thumbnail is created. You can open multiple images and view all thumbnails at once. When you click the thumbnail, the image appears in its original size. You can find the samples in the \samples\snippets\ and \samples\thumbnails directories.

For instructions on running this sample, please see the instructions to Run RasterMaster samples in your IDE or to Run samples from the Command Prompt in the Overview.

Listed below are the methods used in this sample:

  • IMG_decompress_bitmap(String, int) reads in a document in any format and converts it to a valid RasterMaster image.
  • IMG_display_bitmap_aspect(java.awt.Graphics,java.awt.Container, int, int, int, int, int) displays the current image, corrected for aspect ratio, at the current X and Y coordinates.
  • IMG_resize_bitmap_bicubic(int, int) scales down images using a bicubic interpolation algorithm.
  • IMG_resize_to_gray(int, int) resizes a 1-bit black and white image to a (smaller) 8-bit grayscale image.
  • Snowbnd()