All RasterMaster libraries decompress a single page at a time. This section describes the read multi-page formats and how to decompress and determine page count.

RasterMaster Java currently supports the following multi-page formats:

  • TIFF
  • PCL
  • MS Word (read only)
  • MS Excel (read only)
  • RTF (read only)

Decompressing a Multi-page Image

Each page must be decompressed and then saved separately. In other words, a decompress then save must be performed for each page.

Determining Multi-page Page Count

You can keep decompressing pages until a PAGE NOT FOUND or -11 error is returned from the decompress method, or you can query the number of pages with the IMGLOW_get_pages method.

See IMGLOW_get_pages( and IMGLOW_get_pages(String) in the RasterMaster Java API for more information.