AFP files can use specific fonts to achieve a particular look. If you find that the fidelity of the output for your AFP documents is lacking, particularly in regards to text size and spacing or barcodes, then you can customize RasterMaster Java to use particular fonts when processing your AFP files.

RasterMaster Java is easy to customize to improve the look of your AFP documents. RasterMaster allows you to map the fonts in your AFP/MODCA document to fonts on your system using a mapping file named snbd_map.fnt. The snbd_map.fnt file is custom crafted to specify the fonts used in your AFP files and on your system.

If you provide a representative sample AFP document to Accusoft by entering a support issue at, we will provide you with a custom snbd_map.fnt file usually in a few business days that will improve the display and print quality of your AFP documents.

RasterMaster Java automatically loads the customized snbd_map.fnt file if you place it in one of the following directories:

  • The directory into which images are being read For example: C:\\AFP\\fontmap
  • The directory where your application exists as long as you are not changing directories with a dialog box.

The following methods allow you to set font mapping:

  1. The IMGLOW_set_fontmap_path() method sets the path of the font mapping file.
  2. The IMGLOW_set_fontmap() method programmatically sets the font mapping.

Format of Font Mapping Data

Any AFP font name can now be mapped to the following:

  • face name
  • point size
  • bold attributes
  • italic attributes

The snbd_map.fnt file is a simple ASCII text file. Each entry is on its own line. The following are two sample entries:

C0CGT12S,Times New Roman,14,0,1

Table 4.15: Description of a sample entry in the snbd_map.fnt file

Variable Description
C0BC25I3 Font resource name in the AFP file.
Courier New face name to map to.
10 New size in points or 1/72 of an inch.
0 Bold attribute: 0 - off, 1 - on.
0 Italic attribute: 0 - off, 1 - on.