Modifier and Type Field and Description
protected int action 
float ann_alpha 
int ann_bblue
Current blue value background drawing color.
int ann_bgreen
Current green value background drawing color.
int ann_bold
Bold attribute for text
int ann_bred
Current red value background drawing color.
static int ANN_BUFF_SIZE
Sets the annotation buffer size, 10 * 1024.
int ann_crop_xe
Current cropping rectangle x size
int ann_crop_xs
Current cropping rectangle x position
int ann_crop_ye
Current cropping rectangle y size
int ann_crop_ys
Current cropping rectangle y position
int ann_cur_object_id
Current type of object
int ann_dpi
Integer representing resolution for Filenet annotation
int ann_fblue
Current blue value foreground drawing color.
int ann_fgreen
Current green value foreground drawing color.
short ann_font_height
Current font height
String ann_font_name
Current selected font drawing name
int ann_fred
Current red value foreground drawing color.
int ann_height
Height of annotated image
Vector<String[]> ann_history
Vector<String[]> Annotation History
int ann_idmCreateTimestamp
IDM Create_Timestamp
int ann_idmLastModifyTimestamp
IDM Last_Modify_Timestamp
int ann_idmStatus
IDM Status
int ann_idmSubpage_Number
IDM Subpage_Number
int ann_italic
Italic attribute for text
int ann_line_style
Current line styles such as solid or dashed
int ann_line_width
Current line width for drawing
Vector<String[]> ann_notes
Vector<String[]> of Annotation Notes
SANN_RECT ann_rc
Bounding rectangle of annotation object
int ann_rotation_angle
Current rotation angle, ANN_GRAPHIC_STRUCT
static int ANN_SOLID 
Vector<String> ann_tags
Vector<String> of Annotation Tags
boolean ann_use_exact_points
Use exact point sizes in calculating font sizes in Text objects
int ann_width
Width of annotated image
String annClassId
String indicating class id of annotation object.
String annCreateDate
String denoting annotation creation date.
String annCreateUser
String indicating which user created the annotation object.
String annDelete
String indicating if annotation object is to be deleted.
String annDeleteDate
String indicating date of annotation deletion.
String annDeleteUser
String indicating user who deleted annotation.
String annHeight
String denoting annotation height or Y axis offset in XML annotations.
String annID
String denoting annotation ID in XML annotations
String annModifyDate
String indicating modification date of current annotation.
String annModifyUser
String indicating user who preformed last modification.
String annOrdinal
String denoting annotation ordering in resulting XML file where 0 indicated first annotation object.
String annotatedDocumentID
String indicating document id annotated file.
String annotatedFileName
String indicating name of annotated file.
String annStartX
String denoting X axis annotation start position in XML annotations.
String annStartY
String denoting Y axis annotation start position in XML annotations.
String annTransparent
String denoting annotation transparency level in XML annotations.
String annType
String denoting annotation type in XML annotations, based on supported RasterMaster annotation types.
String annWidth
String denoting annotations width or X axis offset in XML annotations.
String bitmapData
String denoting annotated page width in XML annotations
int bTrack 
static int CLOUD_BUMPS
String createDate
Denotes annotation creation date.
String createUser
Indicates which user created the annotation object.
static double DAEJA_DPI
Daeja (FileNet) default resolution
boolean deleted 
String deleteDate 
String deleteUser 
boolean double_byte
Used for using double byte edit controls.
boolean EnableEditText 
boolean EnableProperties 
Specifies the object to resize.
String fillColor
String indicating fill color for solid annotation objects.
String fillTransparent
String denoting annotated page width in XML annotations
String fontBold
String indicating if font is bold or not in XML annotation supporting text.
String fontColor
String indicating font color in XML annotation supporting text.
String fontItalic
String indicating if font is italized or not in XML annotations support text.
String fontName
String indicating the font face name.
String fontSize
String indicating font point size.
String fontStrike
String indicating if font has a strike-through text.
String fontUnderline
String indicating if font should be underlined or not.
static String gCancelCommand
The Cancel command
static String gCopyCommand
The Copy command
static String gCutCommand
The Cut command
static String gDeleteCommand
The Delete command
static String gEditTextCommand
The Edit Text command
static String gMoveCommand
The Move command
static String gPermissionsCommand
The Permissions command
static String gPropertiesCommand
The Properties command
int graphic_id
Object type to add when using user controlled adding of objects
int graphic_num
Number or handle of graphic object.
static String gResizeCommand
The Resize command
static String gRotateCommand
The Rotate command
static int IDM_DPI 
static int IDM_MAX 
static int IDM_SANN_DELETE 
static int IDM_SANN_EDIT 
static int IDM_SANN_EXIT 
static int IDM_SANN_MOVE 
static int IDM_SANN_OK 
static int IDM_SANN_RESIZE 
static int IDM_STATUS_NEW 
boolean isDaeja 
boolean isFilenet 
boolean isIdm 
String lineColor
String denoting line color in XML annotations.
String lineStyle
String denoting line style in XML annotations
String lineTransparent
String indicating line transparency level for XML annotation.
String lineWidth
String indicating line width for XML annotations.
String modifyUser 
Component p
Important - Panel p must be tagged as transient to allow for proper serialization.
String pageHeight
String denoting annotated page height in XML annotations.
int pageNumber 
String pageWidth
String denoting annotated page width in XML annotations.
String pointArray
String indicating a point array for freehand or polygon annotations.
PopupMenu popup
Defines the popup menu.
String rotationAngle
String indicating rotation angle of annotation object.
static int SANN_ARROW
Previous Annotation object
static int SANN_BITMAP
Bitmap annotation
static int SANN_BUBBLE
Bubble annotation
static int SANN_CIRCLE
Circle annotation
static int SANN_CLOUD_EDIT
Cloud Edit annotation
Custom stamp annotation
static int SANN_EDIT
Edit annotation
static int SANN_ELLIPSE
Ellipse annotation
Filled ellipse annotation
Filled Polygon annotation
Filled Rectangle annotation
static int SANN_FREEHAND
Freehand annotation
Highlight Rectangle annotation
static int SANN_LINE
Line annotation
static int SANN_POINT_SIZE
Sets the point size.
static int SANN_POLYGON
Polygon annotation
static int SANN_POSTIT
Post-it annotation
Rectangle annotation
Transparent bitmap annotation
JPopupMenu swing_popup 
String textString
String denoting annotated page width in XML annotations
Down Button annotation
boolean xmlannotations