Double byte characters such as Asian character sets are supported in the RasterMaster Java annotation library. To use double byte annotations, set the double_byte field to true as in the following example:

sann = new SnowAnn();sann.double_byte = true;

When creating any type of text annotation object, space will be reserved to allow for double byte characters. Double byte characters can be typed in the active text controls.

When saving out to an annotation file, the double byte characters will be preserved. For the XML annotation file format, a tag for double byte characters will also be written to the file. When reading in this file, the double_byte field will be read from the file and updated. If you are saving and reading the binary RasterMaster Java annotation file format, you will have to set the double_byte field to true to allow the library to read and save the file properly.

If you are having trouble using double byte characters, please see the Troubleshooting section.