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Read Data Elements
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The key functions that allow access to Data Elements, or metadata, in a DICOM image include:

Function Description


Determines if a DICOM image has data elements.


Returns the number of data elements in the DICOM image, and the maximum SQ (hierarchy) level.


Returns information about the current data element, including tag name (enumIGMedTag), data type (enumIGMedVR), and size.


The "move" functions move the current data element pointer to a new tag; an example function is MED_DCM_DS_move_find. Note that MED_DCM_DS_move_first must be called before iterative move functions such as MED_DCM_DS_move_next.


Returns the current data element's data, and size of data returned.


Returns the current data element's data as a string.

For a complete list, see Data Set Functions.

These functions will allow querying a DICOM image for existence of tags, lookup of a tag by name, tag iteration, and retrieval of tag data. Alternatively, to write data tags, see Writing Data Elements.

This topic provides information about how to do the following:

Search for a Tag

The follow snippet will demonstrate how to find a tag by name (example: patient name) in a DICOM image, and update the data pointer to the tag accordingly.

C and C++
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BOOL was_found;
AT_DCM_TAG tag = DCM_TAG_PatientsName;
MED_DCM_DS_move_find(myDicomImage, MED_DCM_MOVE_LEVEL_FLOAT, tag, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, &was_found);
if (was_found)
    // Process tag here. e.g, MED_DCM_DS_curr_data_get_string ( … )

Read All Tags in a DICOM Image

The following snippet sequentially reads all tags in a DICOM image. First, call MED_DCM_DS_move_first to position the data pointer to the first tag. Next, MED_DCM_DS_move_next can be used to iterate through each tag, and keep track of how many tags remain. For each tag, MED_DCM_util_tag_info_get is used to retrieve its name.

C and C++
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void PrintAllDicomDataElements(HIGEAR dicomImage)
   //Check if the image has tags
   BOOL hasDataElements;
   MED_DCM_DS_exists(dicomImage, &hasDataElements);
   if (hasDataElements == FALSE)
       printf("Image has no data elements");

   printf("Dicom Tags:\n");

   //Use MED_DCM_DS_move_next to loop through each tag and print information
   char elementData[100];
   char tagName[100];
   AT_DCM_TAG tag = 0;
   LONG numberOfElementsRemaining = 0;
   MED_DCM_DS_info_get(dicomImage, &numberOfElementsRemaining, NULL);
   MED_DCM_DS_move_first(dicomImage, MED_DCM_MOVE_LEVEL_FLOAT, &tag, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL);
   while (numberOfElementsRemaining > 0)
       MED_DCM_util_tag_info_get(tag, NULL, NULL, NULL, tagName);
       MED_DCM_DS_curr_data_get_string(dicomImage, elementData, sizeof(elementData));
       printf("%s -> %s\n", tagName, elementData);

       MED_DCM_DS_move_next(dicomImage, MED_DCM_MOVE_LEVEL_FLOAT, &tag,
               NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, &numberOfElementsRemaining);
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