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This function gets the data from the Current Data Element, and always returns it to you as a NULL-terminated character string.


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BOOL ACCUAPI MED_DCM_DS_curr_data_get_string (
       const HIGEAR hIGear, 
       LPCHAR lpString, 
       const DWORD size_of_lpstring


Name Type Description
hIGear const HIGEAR HIGEAR handle to the image from which to get data.
lpString LPCHAR A far pointer to a memory location that will be filled with the data from the Current Data Element as a NULL-terminated character string.
size_of_lpString const DWORD The variable which tells the function the length of lpString, in bytes, expressed as a DWORD. If you specify a string length that is not long enough to hold the data, the data will simply be truncated.

Return Value:

Returns the number of ImageGear errors that occurred during the function call.

Supported Raster Image Formats:

This function does not process image pixels.

The image must have a DICOM DataSet attached to it. Use MED_DCM_DS_exists to check whether the image contains a DataSet.


The marker to the Current Data Element can be moved using one of the MED_DCM_DS_move_...() functions.

Data Elements can be of many different data types (int, word, bytes, float, double, string, etc.), but this function will always convert the data to a string. To return the data in its "natural form", use MED_DCM_DS_curr_data_get().

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