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API Reference Guide > MD Component API Reference > MD Component Enumerations Reference > enumIGMedVR

Identifies DICOM Value Representations.


MED_DCM_VR_AE Application Entity.
MED_DCM_VR_AS Age String.
MED_DCM_VR_AT Attribute Tag.
MED_DCM_VR_CS Code String.
MED_DCM_VR_DS Decimal String.
MED_DCM_VR_DT Date Time.
MED_DCM_VR_FL Floating Point Single.
MED_DCM_VR_FD Floating Point Double.
MED_DCM_VR_IS Integer String.
MED_DCM_VR_LO Long String.
MED_DCM_VR_LT Long Text.
MED_DCM_VR_OB Other Byte String.
MED_DCM_VR_OF Other Float String.
MED_DCM_VR_OW Other Word String.
MED_DCM_VR_PN Person Name.
MED_DCM_VR_SH Short String.
MED_DCM_VR_SL Signed Long.
MED_DCM_VR_SQ Sequence of Items.
MED_DCM_VR_SS Signed Short.
MED_DCM_VR_ST Short Text.
MED_DCM_VR_UI Unique Identifier.
MED_DCM_VR_UL Unsigned Long.
MED_DCM_VR_US Unsigned Short.
MED_DCM_VR_UN Unknown.
MED_DCM_VR_UT Unlimited text.
MED_DCM_VR_NONE VR is not known.
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