ImageGear v26.4 - Updated
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    ImageGear® is the most advanced way to create, control, and deliver more secure, high-quality imaging applications. ImageGear allows you to add powerful imaging capabilities to your applications. ImageGear supports the most commonly used graphics file formats, providing complete compatibility when developing applications across multiple platforms, or when developing for users who have a variety of target systems.


    ImageGear provides a variety of easy-to-use sample programs and images to help get you up and running quickly. You can use the provided sample images for any purpose, such as testing your applications as you develop them.

    See the GitHub repository for a complete list of the samples available.

    Formats and Compressions

    ImageGear supports the most commonly used graphics file formats with different compressions as well as most of the industry-standard compression algorithms (see File Formats and Compressions for details).


    ImageGear provides a comprehensive API, enabling you to read, write, display, edit, and annotate Portable Document Format (PDF), PostScript (PS), and Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) formats. See the PDF section and How to... topics for information that will help you perform common PDF operations.

    • Read, write, and create interactive form fields with the PDF AcroForms feature.
    • ImageGear additionally provides low-level access to PDF document internals for extensive control over PDF structures.

    Microsoft Office

    Load, convert, and extract data from Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents with the ImageGear.Formats.Office namespace enabled.

    For a list of all supported Office formats, see File Formats and Compressions.

    ImageGear uses LibreOffice in the background to achieve high fidelity rendering.

    See the Office section for more information.

    Additional Format Support

    In addition, ImageGear supports the following:

    • Convert files from one format to another (see Compressing and Converting Images).
    • Access and manipulate Metadata.
    • Load and save images with ImageGear's native CMYK support to preserve the original color information. See the Color section for more information.

    Document Cleanup and Image Processing

    ImageGear provides the following image processing and cleanup capabilities:

    • Region of interest (ROI) support
      • Specify rectangular ROI for nearly all image processing functions.
      • Specify arbitrary ROI for most image processing functions. Functions included to create certain shape types such as ellipse, polygon, and freehand.
      • Create a 1-bit mask image for identifying which pixels to include/exclude from image processing algorithms.
    • Complete color space support, including color space conversions, color separation and combination, support for any color space found in any supported formats, and support for color spaces such as CMYK without conversion to RGB.
    • Color reduction that maximizes quality and minimizes size.
    • Encryption and decryption of an entire image or any part of an image.
    • Matrix convolutions of any size with pre-defined or user-supplied matrix values.
    • Special effects.
    • Automatic ImageClean image correction of white text blocks, unnecessary borders, and inverted or rotated images.
    • Intelligent re-sizing.
    • Access to the values of individual pixels, rows or columns of pixels, and rectangular groups of pixels