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The ImageGear Optical Character Recognition (OCR) namespace API offers a set of objects that provide access to document recognition technology. It enables you to build OCR applications for the Windows .NET development environment.
Class Represents the optical character recognition engine.
ClassImGearOCRDictionary class implementation. Each entry of a dictionary must be placed in a single line of a text file. Carriage return + linefeed(0x0D 0x0A) or linefeed(0x0A) end a line. Spaces at the end of a line are ignored. Phrases consist of words in a line that are separated by single spaces. Because all entries are converted to uppercase letters, the file extension is used to specify the codepage. Allowed values are:
  • CENTRALEUROPE: 'ce' or '1250'
Unknown extensions are converted to LATIN1.
Class Base class for OCR exceptions that are thrown from ImageGear.
ClassImage to be recognized, associated with an ImGearOCRPage class object and exposed via ImGearOCRPage.Image property.
Class Provides ability to enable or disable languages for recognition.
Class Represents a single recognized letter.
Class Represents a single image imported into the OCR engine.
Class Specifies options for creating PDF page from the recognition output.
ClassProvides access to settings for preprocessing, belongs to ImGearOCR.
Class Settings for the OCR engine.
Class Represents a recognition zone.
ClassCollection of zones for a page, belongs to a ImGearOCRPage object.
Enumeration Identifies image deskewing modes.
Enumeration Supported dictionary code pages.
Enumeration Specifies the formats of Direct Text Output.
Enumeration Identifies character set filters.
Enumeration Provides information about the style and font weight of the a character.
Enumeration Identifies image inversion modes.
Enumeration Identifies the different languages supported directly by the OCR namespace.
Enumeration Identifies public license features.
Enumeration Identifies image orientation modes.
Enumeration Identifies image conversion modes to be applied for conversions from grayscale or 24-bit color image sources.
Enumeration Determines recognition resolution enhancement mode.
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