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ImGearOCRFilter Enumeration

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Identifies character set filters.
Public Enum ImGearOCRFilter 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As ImGearOCRFilter
public enum ImGearOCRFilter : System.Enum 
__value public enum ImGearOCRFilter : public System.Enum 
public enum class ImGearOCRFilter : public System.Enum 
ALL159 Pre-defined combined filter. Since all elements are enabled, there is no filtering.
ALPHA134 Pre-definedcombined filter. Recognition of upper and lowercase letters only.
DEFAULT0 Used to have the zone handled globally. Do not combine this with any other filter.
DIGIT1 Disjunct filter. Recognition of numerals only. E.g.: "3" (Digit Three).
LOWERCASE4 Disjunct filter. Recognition of lowercase letters only including accented ones. E.g.: "a" (Lowercase a).
MISCELLANEOUS16 Disjunct filter. Recognition of other miscellaneous characters only. E.g.: "+" (Plus sign).
NUMBERS33 Pre-defined combined filter. Recognition of the digits, plus the FilterPlus characters specified by the ImGearRecRecognitionSettings.FilterPlus property.
PLUS32 Special, combinable filter. Enables the use of the FilterPlus characters specified by the ImGearRecRecognitionSettings.FilterPlus property. The FilterPlus characters are added after any filtering.
PUNCTUATION8 Disjunct filter. Recognition of punctuation signs only. E.g.: "!" (Exclamation Mark).
SPACE128 Disjunct filter. Recognition of white spaces.
UPPERCASE2 Disjunct filter. Recognition of uppercase letters only, including accented ones. E.g.: "A" (Capital A).
USER_DICT64 Special, combinable filter. Recognition of characters from the user dictionary section assigned to the zone.
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