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ImGearOCRDictionary class implementation. Each entry of a dictionary must be placed in a single line of a text file. Carriage return + linefeed(0x0D 0x0A) or linefeed(0x0A) end a line. Spaces at the end of a line are ignored. Phrases consist of words in a line that are separated by single spaces. Because all entries are converted to uppercase letters, the file extension is used to specify the codepage. Allowed values are: Unknown extensions are converted to LATIN1.
Object Model
ImGearOCRDictionary Class
Public Class ImGearOCRDictionary 
Dim instance As ImGearOCRDictionary
public class ImGearOCRDictionary 
public __gc class ImGearOCRDictionary 
public ref class ImGearOCRDictionary 
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