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Represents single-page image. In addition to image pixels, contains other attributes like ROI and metadata.
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Public MustInherit Class ImGearPage 
Dim instance As ImGearPage
public abstract class ImGearPage 
public __gc abstract class ImGearPage 
public ref class ImGearPage abstract 
Represents the image and consists of three main parts:

The page can be either stand-alone (not referenced from any ImGearDocument classinstance) or attached to a document.

Region of interest (ImGearROI class) represents free-shape image area (rectangular, non-rectangular or entire space) and specifies a meaningful part of an image. For example, it may be set up for some image processing methods to define the area to which the filter should be applied.

Metadata is non-image data. It is available for most image file formats. In some formats, such as TIFF or PNG, it can be very complex. It can include data of various types and can use a complex structure. ImageGear for .NET offers a set of classes designed specifically to manipulate this data consisting of ImGearMetadataNode class, ImGearMetadataNodeList class, ImGearMetadataTree class and their descendants. The metadata for each instance of ImGearPage may be accessed through its Metadata property.

The Image data (or simply, image) is available through the DIB property. Color Space, channels, width and height are among the major attributes that define the image structure.

Note: If an ImGearPage is an ImGearPDFPage (if it was loaded from a PDF document) it must be disposed. For example: (igPage as IDisposable).Dispose();

// Creates a 512x512 24bit RGB image
ImGearPage igPage = new ImGearRasterPage(512, 512,
    new ImGearColorSpace(ImGearColorSpaceIDs.RGB),
    new int[] { 8, 8, 8 },true);
'Creates a 512x512 24bit RGB image
Dim igPage As ImGearPage = New ImGearRasterPage(512, 512, _
    New ImGearColorSpace(ImGearColorSpaceIDs.RGB), _
    New Integer() {8, 8, 8}, True)
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