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Full Name Kodak Camera Raw Format
Format ID ImGearFormats.KDC
File Extension(s) *.dcr, *.kdc
Data Type Bitmap
Data Encoding Binary
Multi-Page Support No
Alpha Channel Support No
ImageGear Platforms Support WIN32, WIN64, Unix, Unix64, MAC, .NET, .NET64

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ImageGear Filter Control Parameters

See DCRAW Filter Control Parameters.


Kodak digital cameras use this format for storing Raw images.

By default, ImageGear automatically reconstructs colors in raw images during loading. You can disable one or more stages in the automatic color reconstruction, and reconstruct the images programmatically by using ImageGear Processing API. Use filter control parameters to disable specific stages of color reconstruction.

Kodak Raw format uses TIFF/EXIF file structure as the base, but is not fully compliant with TIFF, so it can't be processed by a regular TIFF viewer. Raw image is stored using proprietary compression. Raw data in some cameras is stored in 3-channel YUV format than in mosaic grayscale.