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Full Name Digital camera RAW format
Format ID ImGearFormats.DCRAW
File Extension(s) *.*
Data Type Raster Image
Data Encoding Binary
Multi-Page Support No
Alpha Channel Support No
Metadata Update Support No
ImageGear Platforms Support WIN32, WIN64, .NET, .NET64, Unix, Unix64, MAC

ImageGear Supported Versions

Please see Digital Camera RAW.

ImageGear Supported Features

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ImageGear Filter Control Parameters

Filter Control Parameter Type Default Value Available Values Description
ApplyColorSpaceConversion bool true false, true Set to true to convert raw image to linear sRGB colorspace during loading. Has effect only if ApplyLowLevelProcessing is true.
ApplyLowLevelProcessing bool true false, true If true, ImageGear applies initial processing stages on the Raw image. If false, ImageGear loads Raw image without any post-processing. See also ApplyColorspaceConversion and ApplyToneCorrection parameters.
ApplyToneCorrection bool true false, true Set to true to automatically adjust image tone and apply sRGB gamma correction during loading. Has effect only if both ApplyLowLevelProcessing and ApplyColorspaceConversion are true.