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ImageGear24.Core Assembly > ImageGear.Formats Namespace : ImGearFormats Enumeration
Lists all ImageGear supported file formats.
Public Enum ImGearFormats 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As ImGearFormats
public enum ImGearFormats : System.Enum 
__value public enum ImGearFormats : public System.Enum 
public enum class ImGearFormats : public System.Enum 
BMPStandard Windows format including OS/2 bitmap format.
BTRBrooktrout FAX format.
CALCALS raster, Type I.
CGMComputer Graphics Metafile.
CLPWindows Clipboard format for raster images.
CR2Canon CR2 digital camera RAW format.
CRWCanon CRW digital camera RAW format.
CURWindows mouse cursor format.
CUTDr. Halo CUT format.
DCRAWCommon identifier for Digital Camera RAW formats.
DCXIntel multi-page FAX format.
DGNMicroStation Drawing (Drawing format used by MicroStation construction design software).
DICOMDICOM file format. Public standard that provides a flexible and expandable means for storing, sharing, and transporting digital medical images.
DNGDigital Negative file format.
DOCXOffice Open XML Word format, also used for Office Word 97-2003.
DWFAutodesk Design Web Format.
DWGDWG (AutoDesk AutoCAD) format.
DXFDXF (AutoDesk AutoCAD) format.
GEMGEM Paint Raster format.
GIFGraphic Image format developed originally in accommodate the transmission of images via a modem; uses LZW compression algorithm.
HasselbladHasselblad digital camera RAW format.
HDPHOTOHD Photo (Windows Media Photo) format.
HeaderlessRawHeaderless digital camera RAW format.
HPGLHewlett-Packard Graphics Language format.
ICAIBM Image Object Content Architecture.
ICOWindows ICON format.
IFFElectronic Arts Interchange File Format.
ImaconImacon digital camera RAW format.
IMGXerox raster format.
IMRIMRS-Raster image format.
IMTIMNET format.
JP2JPEG 2000 file format.
JPGJPEG File Interchange Format.
JPXJPX file format (JPEG 2000 extensions).
KDCKodak digital camera RAW format.
KFXKofax format.
LeicaRawLeica/Panasonic digital camera RAW format.
LVLaserView (LaserData) format.
MEFMamiya digital camera RAW format.
MJ2Reserved for future use.
MODCAIBM Mixed Object Document Content Architecture format.
MOSLeaf digital camera RAW format.
MRWKonica-Minolta digital camera RAW format.
MSPMicrosoft Paint format.
NCRNCR format.
NEFNikon digital camera RAW format.
ORFOlympus digital camera RAW format.
PBMPortable BitMap (UNIX graphic file format).
PCDKodak format for high resolution photographs.
PCXPC Paintbrush format.
PDFAdobe Portable Document Format.
PEFPentax/Samsung digital camera RAW format.
PhaseOnePhase One digital camera RAW format.
PNGPortable Network Graphics.
PPTXOffice Open XML PowerPoint format, also used for Office Power Point 97-2003.
PSPostScript language files.
PSBAdobe Photoshop Big file format.
PSDAdobe Photoshop file format.
PTOCAIBM Presentation Text Object Content Architecture format for IBM's AFP printer architecture.
RAFFujiFilm digital camera RAW format.
RASSUN raster format.
RAW Headerless RAW format.
SCISCITEX file format. It is used for electronic pre-press and visual communications systems, is a part of the HandShake Foreign File Transfer Protocol, a standard for defining storage formats and data interchange protocols.
SGISilicon Graphics raster format.
SonyRawSony digital camera RAW format.
SVGScalable Vector Graphics format.
TGATarga file format.
TIFTagged Image File Format.
U3DUniversal 3D format.
UNKNOWNUnknown format.
WBMPWireless BMP format.
WPGWordPerfect Graphic Format.
XBMX Window Bitmap format.
XLSXOffice Open XML Excel format, also used for Office Excel 97-2003.
XPMX Window Pixmap format.
XPSXML Paper Specification format.
XWDX Window Dump format.
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