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This enumeration determines the device event.
Public Enum ImGearDeviceEvents 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As ImGearDeviceEvents
public enum ImGearDeviceEvents : System.Enum 
__value public enum ImGearDeviceEvents : public System.Enum 
public enum class ImGearDeviceEvents : public System.Enum 
CHECKAUTOMATICCAPTUREThe automatic capture settings on the device have been changed by the user.
CHECKBATTERYThe status of the battery has changed.
CHECKDEVICEONLINEThe device has been turned off and on.
CHECKFLASHThe flash setting on the device has been changed by the user.
CHECKPOWERSUPPLYThe power supply has been changed.
CHECKRESOLUTIONThe x/y resolution setting on the device has been changed by the user.
CUSTOMEVENTSBaseline for events specific to a given Source.
DEVICEADDEDThe user has added a device (for instance a memory card in a digital camera).
DEVICEOFFLINEA device has become unavailable, but has not been removed.
DEVICEREADYThe device is ready to capture an image.
DEVICEREMOVEDThe user has removed a device.
IMAGECAPTUREDThe user has captured an image to the device's internal storage.
IMAGEDELETEDThe user has removed an image from the device's internal storage.
LAMPFAILUREThe device's light source has failed.
PAPERDOUBLEFEEDTwo or more sheets of paper have been fed together.
PAPERJAMThe device's document feeder has jammed.
POWERSAVEThe device has powered down to save energy.
POWERSAVENOTIFYThe device is about to power down to save energy.
ImGearCapabilities.CAP_DEVICEEVENT capability values.
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