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Supported capabilities.
Public Enum ImGearCapabilities 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As ImGearCapabilities
public enum ImGearCapabilities : System.Enum 
__value public enum ImGearCapabilities : public System.Enum 
public enum class ImGearCapabilities : public System.Enum 
ACAP_AUDIOFILEFORMATInforms the application which audio file formats the Source can generate or tells the Source which audio file formats the application can handle. Uses ImGearAudioFormats values.
ACAP_XFERMECH Allows the Application and Source to identify which audio transfer mechanisms they have in common.
CAP_ALARMSTurns specific audible alarms on and off. Uses ImGearAlarms values.
CAP_ALARMVOLUME The volume of a device’s audible alarm. Note that this control affects the volume of all alarms; no specific volume control for individual types of alarms is provided.
CAP_AUTHOR The name or other identifying information about the Author of the image. It may include a copyright string.
CAP_AUTOFEED Set to TRUE to enable Source’s automatic feeding.
CAP_AUTOMATICCAPTURE The number of images to automatically capture. This does not refer to the number of images to be sent to the Application, use CAP_XFERCOUNT for that.
CAP_AUTOSCAN Enables the source’s automatic document scanning process.
CAP_BATTERYMINUTES The minutes of battery power remaining on a device.
CAP_BATTERYPERCENTAGE Indicates battery power status.
CAP_CAMERAPREVIEWUI Queries the source for UI support for preview mode.
CAP_CAPTION A general note about the acquired image.
CAP_CLEARBUFFERSGetting this reports the presence of data in the scanner’s buffers. Setting with a value of ImGearClearBuffers.CLEAR immediately clears the buffers. Uses ImGearClearBuffers values.
CAP_CLEARPAGE Set to TRUE to eject current page and leave acquire area empty.
CAP_CUSTOMBASE Base of custom capabilities.
CAP_CUSTOMDSDATA Allows the application to query the data source to see if it supports the new operation triplets DG_CONTROL/DAT_CUSTOMDSDATA/MSG_GET and DG_CONTROL/DAT_CUSTOMDSDATA/MSG_SET.
CAP_DEVICEEVENTSelects which events the application wants the source to report. Uses ImGearDeviceEvents values.
CAP_DEVICEONLINE Determines if hardware is on and ready.
CAP_DEVICETIMEDATE Date and time of a device’s clock.
CAP_DUPLEXThis indicates whether the scanner supports duplex. If so, it further indicates whether one-path or two-path duplex is supported. Uses ImGearDuplex values.
CAP_DUPLEXENABLED The user can set the duplex option to be TRUE or FALSE. If TRUE, the scanner scans both sides of a paper; otherwise, the scanner will scan only one side of the image.
CAP_ENABLEDSUIONLY Queries an application to see if it implements the new user interface settings dialog.
CAP_ENDORSER Allows the application to specify the starting endorser / imprinter number.
CAP_EXTENDEDCAPS Capabilities negotiated in States 5 & 6.
CAP_FEEDERALIGNMENTIf TRUE, feeder is centered; FALSE if it is free-floating. Uses ImGearFeederAlignment values.
CAP_FEEDERENABLED If TRUE, Source’s feeder is available.
CAP_FEEDERLOADED If TRUE, Source has documents loaded in feeder (get only).
CAP_FEEDERORDERSpecifies whether feeder starts with top of first or last page. Uses ImGearFeederOrder values.
CAP_FEEDPAGE Set to TRUE to eject current page and feed next page.
CAP_INDICATORS Use the Source’s progress indicator? (valid only when ShowUI==FALSE).
CAP_JOBCONTROL Allows multiple jobs in batch mode.
CAP_LANGUAGEAllows application and source to identify which languages they have in common. Uses ImGearLanguages values.
CAP_MAXBATCHBUFFERSDescribes the number of pages that the scanner can buffer when CAP_AUTOSCAN is enabled. Uses ImGearClearBuffers values.
CAP_PAPERDETECTABLE Determines whether source can detect documents on the ADF or flatbed.
CAP_POWERSUPPLYGet reports the kinds of power available; Current reports the current power supply to use. Uses ImGearPowerSupply values.
CAP_PRINTERGets current list of available printer devices; sets the device for negotiation. Uses ImGearPrinter values.
CAP_PRINTERENABLED Turns the current CAP_PRINTER device on or off.
CAP_PRINTERINDEX Starting number for the CAP_PRINTER device.
CAP_PRINTERMODESpecifies appropriate current CAP_PRINTER device mode. Uses ImGearPrinterModes values.
CAP_PRINTERSTRING String(s) to be used in the string component when CAP_PRINTER device is enabled.
CAP_PRINTERSUFFIX String to be used as current CAP_PRINTER device’s suffix.
CAP_REACQUIREALLOWED Undocumented TWAIN capability.
CAP_REWINDPAGE Set to TRUE to do a reverse feed.
CAP_SERIALNUMBER The serial number of the currently selected source device.
CAP_SUPPORTEDCAPS Inquire valid capabilities for Source.
CAP_SUPPORTEDCAPSEXT Undocumented TWAIN capability.
CAP_THUMBNAILSENABLED Allows an application to request the delivery of thumbnail representations for the set of images that are to be delivered.
CAP_TIMEBEFOREFIRSTCAPTURE Selects the number of seconds before the first picture taken.
CAP_TIMEBETWEENCAPTURES Selects the hundredths of a second to wait between pictures taken.
CAP_TIMEDATE Date and Time the image was acquired.
CAP_UICONTROLLABLE Indicates that Source supports acquisitions with UI disabled.
CAP_XFERCOUNT Number of images the application is willing to accept this session.
ICAP_AUTOBRIGHT Enable Source’s Auto-brightness function.
ICAP_AUTOMATICBORDERDETECTION Turns automatic border detection on and off.
ICAP_AUTOMATICDESKEW Turns automatic skew detection on and off.
ICAP_AUTOMATICROTATE When TRUE, depends on source to automatically rotate the image.
ICAP_BARCODEDETECTIONENABLED Turns bar code detection on and off.
ICAP_BARCODEMAXRETRIES Restricts the number of times a search will be retried if no bar codes are found.
ICAP_BARCODEMAXSEARCHPRIORITIES Specifies the maximum number of supported search priorities.
ICAP_BARCODESEARCHMODERestricts bar code searching to certain orientations, or prioritizes one orientation over another. Uses ImGearBarcodeSearchModes values.
ICAP_BARCODESEARCHPRIORITIESA prioritized list of bar code types dictating the order in which they will be sought. Uses ImGearBarcodeType values.
ICAP_BARCODETIMEOUT Restricts the total time spent on searching for bar codes on a page.
ICAP_BITDEPTH Pixel bit depth for Current value of ICAP_PIXELTYPE.
ICAP_BITDEPTHREDUCTIONAllows a choice of the reduction method for bit depth loss. Uses ImGearBitDepthReduction values.
ICAP_BITORDERSpecifies how the bytes in an image are filled by the Source. Uses ImGearBitOrder values.
ICAP_BRIGHTNESS Source brightness values.
ICAP_COMPRESSION Buffered Memory transfer compression schemes.
ICAP_CONTRAST Source contrast values.
ICAP_CUSTHALFTONE Square-cell halftone (dithering) matrix to be used.
ICAP_EXPOSURETIME Exposure time used to capture the image, in seconds.
ICAP_EXTIMAGEINFO Allows the application to query the data source to see if it supports the new operation triplet DG_IMAGE/DAT_EXTIMAGEINFO/MSG_GET.
ICAP_FILTERColor characteristics of the subtractive filter applied to the image data. Uses ImGearFilterType values.
ICAP_FLASHUSED Specifies whether or not the image was acquired using a flash.
ICAP_FLASHUSED2For devices that support a flash, setting selects the flash to be used; getting reports the current setting. Uses ImGearFlashUsed values.
ICAP_FLIPROTATIONOrients images that flip orientation every other image. Uses ImGearFlipRotation values.
ICAP_FRAMES Size and location of frames on page.
ICAP_GAMMA Gamma correction value for the image data.
ICAP_HALFTONES Source halftone patterns.
ICAP_HIGHLIGHT Lightest highlight, values lighter than this value will be set to this value.
ICAP_IMAGEDATASET Gets or sets the image indices that will be delivered during the standard image transfer.
ICAP_IMAGEFILEFORMAT File formats for file transfers.
ICAP_IMAGEFILTERFor devices that support image filtering, selects the algorithm to be used. Uses ImGearImageFilter values.
ICAP_JPEGQUALITYJPEG quality. Uses ImGearJPEGQuality values, or values in the range 0 - 100.
ICAP_LAMPSTATE Whether the lamp is on.
ICAP_LIGHTPATHImage was captured transmissively or reflectively. Uses ImGearLightPath values.
ICAP_LIGHTSOURCEDescribes the color characteristic of the light source used to acquire the image. Uses ImGearLightSource values.
ICAP_MAXFRAMES Maximum number of frames possible per page.
ICAP_MINIMUMHEIGHT Allows the source to define the minimum height (Y-axis) that the source can acquire.
ICAP_MINIMUMWIDTH Allows the source to define the minimum width (X-axis) that the source can acquire.
ICAP_NOISEFILTERFor devices that support noise filtering, selects the algorithm to be used. Uses ImGearNoiseFilter values.
ICAP_ORIENTATIONDefines which edge of the paper is the top: Portrait or Landscape. Uses ImGearOrientation values.
ICAP_OVERSCANFor devices that support overscanning, controls whether additional rows or columns are appended to the image. Uses ImGearOverscanModes values.
ICAP_PATCHCODEDETECTIONENABLED Turns patch code detection on and off.
ICAP_PATCHCODEMAXRETRIES Restricts the number of times a search will be retried if none are found on a page.
ICAP_PATCHCODEMAXSEARCHPRIORITIES Maximum number of search priorities.
ICAP_PATCHCODESEARCHMODE Restricts patch code searching to certain orientations, or prioritizes one orientation over another.
ICAP_PATCHCODESEARCHPRIORITIESList of patch code types dictating the order in which patch codes will be sought. Uses ImGearPatchCode values.
ICAP_PATCHCODETIMEOUT Restricts total time for searching for a patch code on a page.
ICAP_PHYSICALHEIGHT Maximum height Source can acquire (in ICAP_UNITS).
ICAP_PHYSICALWIDTH Maximum width Source can acquire (in ICAP_UNITS).
ICAP_PIXELFLAVORSense of the pixel whose numeric value is zero. Uses ImGearPixelFlavor values.
ICAP_PIXELTYPEThe type of pixel data (B/W, gray, color, etc.). Uses ImGearPixelType values.
ICAP_PLANARCHUNKYColor data format - Planar or Chunky. Uses ImGearColorDataFormats values.
ICAP_ROTATION Source can, or should, rotate image this number of degrees.
ICAP_SHADOW Darkest shadow, values darker than this value will be set to this value.
ICAP_SUPPORTEDBARCODETYPESProvides a list of bar code types that can be detected by current data source. Uses ImGearBarcodeType values.
ICAP_SUPPORTEDPATCHCODETYPESList of patch code types that can be detected by current data source. Uses ImGearPatchCode values.
ICAP_SUPPORTEDSIZESThis specifies the size(s) the Source can/should use to acquire image data. Uses ImGearSupportedSizes values.
ICAP_THRESHOLD Specifies the dividing line between black and white values.
ICAP_TILES Tiled image data.
ICAP_UNDEFINEDIMAGESIZE The application will accept undefined image size.
ICAP_UNITSUnit of measure (inches, centimeters, etc.). Uses ImGearUnits values.
ICAP_XFERMECHTransfer mechanism - used to learn options and set-up for upcoming transfer. Uses ImGearXferType values.
ICAP_XNATIVERESOLUTION Native optical resolution of device for x-axis.
ICAP_XRESOLUTION Current/available optical resolutions for x-axis, in dots per inch (DPI).
ICAP_XSCALING Source Scaling value (1.0 = 100%) for x-axis.
ICAP_YNATIVERESOLUTION Native optical resolution of device for y-axis.
ICAP_YRESOLUTION Current/available optical resolutions for y-axis, in dots per inch (DPI).
ICAP_YSCALING Source Scaling value (1.0 = 100%) for y-axis.
ICAP_ZOOMFACTOR Gets all camera supported lens zooming range or sets the selected zoom value.
This enumeration specifies ImageGear TWAIN capabilities.
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