Accusoft.BarcodeXpress12.ActiveX - Updated
Patch Code
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Barcode Xpress supports the following patch codes:

Patch Code Type Barcode Value
Patch 1 1100
Patch 2 1001
Patch 3 1010
Patch 4 / Toggle Patch 0110
Patch 6 0011
Patch T / Transfer patch 0101

To write a Patch Code using Barcode Xpress, set the writer BarcodeType property to PatchCode, then set the writer MakeBarcodeValue property to a value of 1 through 6.

Patch Codes require a quiet zone, which should be at least the width of 10 narrow bars. This means that if you set the MakeBarcodeBarSize property to 5 pixels (narrow bar size), you should set the MakeBarcodeBWidth property to 50 pixels. There is no checksum for Patch Code.

The minimum bar width for Patch Codes is 5.

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