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BarcodeType Property
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Type of barcodes to search for in recognition.
Property Type
Read-write property
Visual Basic
Public Property BarcodeType As Long
Return Type
A long value which represents the type of barcode to search for.

The default value is 0 (Unknown Barcode type).

By default, the barcode engine will search for all 1D barcodes. The 1D barcode set includes all types, except PatchCode, PostNet, PDF417, Data Matrix, IntelligentMail, Royal Post Mail 4-State, QRcode, Aztec, and Australian Post 4-State.

Note: If an unknown barcode type and a specified barcode type are flagged, then only the specified barcode type is searched for. For example, if you flagged both UnknownBarcode and Aztec, only Aztec is detected.

The barcode recognition engine is capable of detecting 1D barcodes in an image without any prior knowledge of the barcode type. However, you can speed up the recognition process by specifying a barcode type.

Barcode types can be combined. For example, if you want to specify UPC-A and CODE 93, set the BarcodeType property to 16384 + 1024 = 17408 (&H4400).

Valid values for BarcodeType property:

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