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QR Code
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QR Code is one of very few barcode types that allow encoding of Kanji and Kana.


Error Correction Level

This barcode type uses a Reed-Solomon error detection and correction scheme. There are four levels of error correction, each with increasing amount of error recover.

The higher the error level, the less data that can be stored in the barcode.

The 1D/2D Professional edition supports creating QR Code, PDF417, and Data Matrix barcodes which can then be written using the ImagXpress control or by writing to a Printer Device Context. Your application logic will set the barcode writing parameters and make a call to the MakeBarcode method. The output image will then be returned in the call.

Included features to use with this functionality are:

Caution: When using trial (unpaid) licensing, the words " UNLICENSED " will appear in the middle of every Data Matrix, QR Code and PDF417 barcode created, taking up 25 bytes of space. When testing the contents of generated barcodes, be aware of the extra space requirements.
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