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Device Dependent Bitmap.


Device Independent Bitmap.


Module Size A module is the smallest unit in a barcode symbology. In 1D and PDF417 barcodes, it is the width of the smallest bar in the barcode pattern. In Data Matrix and QR Code barcodes, it is a square area defining one bit of a code word.


Quiet Zone An area of uniform background surrounding a bar code. If the barcode ink color is black and the background white, then a white region around the barcode is the quiet zone. Quiet zones are required for accurate recognition.


Thead-safe An application using this component can use multiple controls running in the same process where they don't interfere with each other. The thread creating the control owns the control and is the only thread that can interact with it.


Unicode A character set that can support a wide range of international characters. Unicode requires 16-bits to encode a character, unlike ASCII which requires only 8, but supports only a small subset of characters beyond Latin.

UI (User Interface) The controls or API provided for user interaction with an application or component.

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