Barcode Xpress for .NET Framework v13.9 - Updated
UnsupportBarcodeTypeException Class

Accusoft.BarcodeXpressSdk Namespace : UnsupportBarcodeTypeException Class
This exception is thrown if an unsupported barcode type is detected.
Object Model
UnsupportBarcodeTypeException Class
Public NotInheritable Class UnsupportBarcodeTypeException 
   Inherits BarcodeException
Dim instance As UnsupportBarcodeTypeException
public sealed class UnsupportBarcodeTypeException : BarcodeException 
public __gc __sealed class UnsupportBarcodeTypeException : public BarcodeException 
public ref class UnsupportBarcodeTypeException sealed : public BarcodeException 

If the Writer.BarcodeType is set to a BarcodeType that is not write-supported, if may trigger this exception. For more details, see the Writer Class.

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