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BarcodeType Enumeration

Accusoft.BarcodeXpressSdk Namespace : BarcodeType Enumeration
Specifies a barcode type.
Public Enum BarcodeType 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As BarcodeType
public enum BarcodeType : System.Enum 
__value public enum BarcodeType : public System.Enum 
public enum class BarcodeType : public System.Enum 
Add2Barcode20 Indicates an Add 2 barcode type.
Add5Barcode19 Indicates an Add 5 barcode type.
AustralianPost4StateBarcode29 Australian Post 4 State barcode
AztecBarcode30 Aztec barcode
BCDMatrixBarcode6 Indicates a BCD Matrix barcode type.
CodabarBarcode11 Indicates a Codabar barcode type.
Code128Barcode14 Indicates a Code 128 barcode type.
Code32Barcode8 Indicates a Code 32 barcode type.
Code39Barcode9 Indicates a Code 39 barcode type.
Code39ExtendedBarcode10 Indicates a Code 39 Extended barcode type.
Code93Barcode12 Indicates a Code 93 barcode type.
Code93ExtendedBarcode13 Indicates a Code 93 Extended barcode type.
DataLogic2of5Barcode4 Indicates a DataLogic 2 of 5 barcode type.
DataMatrixBarcode25 Indicates a DataMatrix barcode type.
EAN128Barcode21 Indicates an EAN-128 barcode type.
EAN13Barcode15 Indicates an EAN-13 barcode. This also supports a JAN barcode which is an EAN-13 with country code 49.
EAN8Barcode16 Indicates an EAN-8 barcode type.
GS1DataBarBarcode31 GS1 DataBar barcode
IATA2of5Barcode3 Indicates an IATA 2 of 5 barcode type.
Industry2of5Barcode1 Indicates an Industry 2 of 5 barcode type.
IntelligentMailBarcode27 United States Postal IntelligentMail 4 State barcode
Interleaved2of5Barcode2 Indicates an Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode type.
Invert2of5Barcode5 Indicates an Inverted 2 of 5 barcode type.
Matrix2of5Barcode7 Indicates a Matrix 2 of 5 barcode type.
MicroPDF417Barcode33 MicroPDF417 barcode
MicroQRCodeBarcode35 MicroQR Code barcode
PatchCodeBarcode22 Indicates a Patch Code.
PDF417Barcode24 Indicates a PDF417 barcode type.
PlanetBarcode34 Planet barcode
PostNetBarcode23 Indicates a PostNet barcode type.
QRCodeBarcode26 QR Code barcode
RoyalPost4StateBarcode28 Royal Post 4 State barcode
UnknownBarcode0 Indicates an unknown 1D barcode. Looks for all 1D barcode types only. (Does not look for any 2D barcode types, such as, Postal, QR Code, DataMatrix, etc.).
UPCABarcode17 Indicates a UPC-A barcode type.
UPCEBarcode18 Indicates a UPC-E barcode type.
UPU4StateBarcode32 UPU 4-State barcode

The default value is UnknownBarcode.

If an UnknownBarcode and specified barcode type are set in a barcode type array, then only the specified type barcode is searched for.

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