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Language Enumeration

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Defines the language of the text for recognition.

Public Enum Language 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As Language
public enum Language : System.Enum 
__value public enum Language : public System.Enum 
public enum class Language : public System.Enum 
Afrikaans11 The Afrikaans language.
Albanian12 The Albanian language.
AzerbaijaniCyrillic13 The Azerbaijani Cyrillic language.
AzerbaijaniLatin14 The Azerbaijani Latin language.
Baltic256 The Baltic languages.
Basque15 The Basque language.
Belarusian16 The Belarusian language.
BosnianLatin17 The Bosnian Latin language.
Bulgarian18 The Bulgarian language.
Catalan19 The Catalan language.
CentralEuropean257 The Central European languages.
ChineseSimplified66 The Chinese Simplified language.
ChineseTraditional67 The Chinese Traditional language.
ChineseTraditionalHk68 The Chinese Traditional Hong Kong language.
Croatian20 The Croatian language.
Cyrillic258 The Cyrillic languages.
Czech21 The Czech language.
Danish1 The Danish language.
Dutch2 The Dutch language.
English0 The English language.
Estonian22 The Estonian language.
Faroese23 The Faroese language.
Finnish3 The Finnish language.
French4 The French language.
Frisian24 The Frisian language.
German5 The German language.
Greek25 The Greek language.
Guarani26 The Guarani language.
Hani27 The Hani language.
Hungarian28 The Hungarian language.
Icelandic29 The Icelandic language.
Indonesian30 The Indonesian language.
Irish31 The Irish language.
Italian6 The Italian language.
Japanese69 The Japanese language.
KazakhCyrillic32 The Kazakh Cyrillic language.
KazakhLatin33 The Kazakh Latin language.
KirghizCyrillic34 The Kirghiz Cyrillic language.
Kirundi35 The Kirundi language.
Korean70 The Korean language.
Latin36 The Latin language.
Latvian37 The Latvian language.
Lithuanian38 The Lithuanian language.
Luxembourgish39 The Luxembourgish language.
Macedonian40 The Macedonian language.
Malay41 The Malay language.
Norwegian7 The Norwegian language.
Polish42 The Polish language.
Portuguese8 The Portuguese language.
Quechua43 The Quechua language.
RhaetoRomanic44 The Rhaeto Romanic language.
Romanian45 The Romanian language.
Russian46 The Russian language.
Rwanda47 The Rwanda language.
SerbianCyrillic49 The Serbian Cyrillic language.
SerbianLatin48 The Serbian Latin language.
Shona50 The Shona language.
Slovak51 The Slovak language.
Slovenian52 The Slovenian language.
Somali53 The Somali language.
Sorbian54 The Sorbian language.
Spanish9 The Spanish language.
Swahili55 The Swahili language.
Swedish10 The Swedish language.
TajikCyrillic56 The Tajik Cyrillic language.
Thai71 The Thai language.
Turkish57 The Turkish language.
TurkmenCyrillic58 The Turkmen Cyrillic language.
TurkmenLatin59 The Turkmen Latin language.
Ukrainian60 The Ukrainian language.
UzbekCyrillic61 The Uzbek Cyrillic language.
UzbekLatin62 The Uzbek Latin language.
Vietnamese72 The Vietnamese language.
WesternEuropean255 The Western European languages.
Wolof63 The Wolof language.
Xhosa64 The Xhosa language.
Zulu65 The Zulu language.

The default value is WesternEuropean, which contains the maximum number of characters.

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