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InvalidFieldTypeException Class

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Contains information if the FieldType property is set to an invalid value.
Object Model
InvalidFieldTypeException Class
Public NotInheritable Class InvalidFieldTypeException 
   Inherits SmartZoneOCRException
Dim instance As InvalidFieldTypeException
public sealed class InvalidFieldTypeException : SmartZoneOCRException 
public __gc __sealed class InvalidFieldTypeException : public SmartZoneOCRException 
public ref class InvalidFieldTypeException sealed : public SmartZoneOCRException 
The field type is considered invalid when an operation associated with a certain field type is performed, but the Reader.FieldType property was not set to the particular field type. E.g., if Reader.DataValidationListAddEntry is called without setting FieldType to FieldType.DataValidationList, the exception will be thrown.
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