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In This Topic
    Module: svg-icons
    In This Topic

    Module: svg-icons

    This module appends the icons to the document body. If this module is initialized twice, the icons are not appended since they only need to be appended once.


    (inner) moduleApi

    Name Type Description
    destroy function

    Destroys the module.


    init() → {module:svg-icons~moduleApi}

    Initializes the module. This method will insert the SVG icon sprite into the body of the page. This sprite can be shared between multiple instances of the viewer embedded on the same page.


    The module API object.



    Parses icons. For any HTML template that contains icons, this method must be called with the HTML template passed as the parameter. Note that the init method must be called before calling parseIcons.

    Name Type Description
    dom HTMLElement

    A parent DOM element, or jQuery-wrapped element, that contains the icons that need to be parsed.

    (inner) module:svg-icons#updateIcon Parses a single icon.(elem)

    Name Type Description
    elem HTMLElement

    The icon that needs to be parsed.

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