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    Uninstall Traditional Linux Install Packages
    In This Topic

    NOTE: This topic applies to traditional Linux install packages only.


    To uninstall PrizmDoc from your Linux system, perform the following steps:

    Make sure you log in as root to the machine.

    1. Stop the service:

      NOTE: This will depend on where the product is installed. The command for default installations will look like the following:

      /usr/share/prizm/scripts/ stop
    2. Remove the installed files:


      apt-get purge prizm-services.*

      NOTE: This will remove all configuration files. If you would like to keep configuration files you can instead run apt-get remove prizm-services.* however this will leave behind configuration files and may cause issues in the future. You may want to create a backup of configuration files before purging as an alternative.

      Red Hat/CentOS:

      yum remove prizm-services*

      IMPORTANT: This will not properly execute if run in a directory with files matching the wildcard, for example, the /usr/share/prizm/ directory or the directory where the downloaded Prizm services .deb or .rpm files are located.

      Generic Package:

      Remove symbolic links to the fonts directory and update system fonts cache.

      rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/99-accusoft_prizm_fonts.conf
      fc-cache -f**

      Remove PrizmDoc Server files.

      rm -rf /usr/share/prizm/bin
      rm -rf /usr/share/prizm/conf
      rm -rf /usr/share/prizm/consul
      rm -rf /usr/share/prizm/java
      rm -rf /usr/share/prizm/libreoffice
      rm -rf /usr/share/prizm/libs
      rm -rf /usr/share/prizm/modules
      rm -rf /usr/share/prizm/mono
      rm -rf /usr/share/prizm/node.js
      rm -rf /usr/share/prizm/pccis
      rm -rf /usr/share/prizm/plu
      rm -rf /usr/share/prizm/schemas
      rm -rf /usr/share/prizm/scripts
      rm -rf /usr/share/prizm/services
      rm -rf /usr/share/prizm/src

      NOTE: There may be temporary files left behind, like log and cache files, because they are not part of the installation packages. You may leave the temporary files or review them before deleting them.