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Adds a character or a text run to a PDE Text object.


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        HIG_PDE_TEXT hText,
        UINT nFlag,
        UINT nIndex,
        LPBYTE lpText,
        UINT nTextLen,
        HIG_PDE_FONT hFont,
        LPAT_PDE_TEXTSTATE lpTstate,
        LPAT_PDF_FIXEDMATRIX lpTextMatrix,
        LPAT_PDF_FIXEDMATRIX lpStrokeMatrix 


Name Type Description
hText LPHIG_PDE_TEXT Text object to which a character or text run is added.
nFlag UINT

enumIGPDETextFlags flag that specifies what kind of text to add. Must be either:

  • IG_PDE_TEXT_CHAR - for a text character
  • IG_PDE_TEXT_RUN - for a text run.
nIndex UINT Index after which to add character or text run.
lpText LPBYTE Pointer to the characters to add.
Passing NULL for text can invalidate the text object but will not raise an error. Callers must not pass NULL for this parameter.
nTextLen UINT Length of the text, in bytes.
hFont HIG_PDE_FONT Font for the element.
lpGstate LPAT_PDE_GRAPHICSTATE Pointer to AT_PDE_GRAPHICSTATE structure with the graphics state for the element.
lpTstate LPAT_PDE_TEXTSTATE Pointer to AT_PDE_TEXTSTATE structure with text state for the element.
lpTextMatrix LPAT_PDF_FIXEDMATRIX Pointer to AT_PDF_FIXEDMATRIX that holds the matrix for the element.
lpStrokeMatrix LPAT_PDF_FIXEDMATRIX Pointer to AT_PDF_FIXEDMATRIX that holds the matrix for the line width when stroking text. May be NULL.

Return Value:

Error count.

Supported Raster Image Formats:

This function does not process image pixels.

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