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Attributes of a PDE text element.


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typedef struct tagAT_PDE_TEXTSTATE
        UINT wasSetFlags;
        AT_PDF_FIXED charSpacing;
        AT_PDF_FIXED wordSpacing;
        LONG renderMode;
        AT_PDF_FIXED fontSize;
        AT_PDF_FIXED hScale;
        AT_PDF_FIXED textRise;                                          


Name Type Description
wasSetFlags UINT enumIGPDEGraphicStateWasSetFlags indicating if an attribute has been set.  
Support for these flags is not complete. For compatibility, you should set them, but do not depend on reading their values back. The intended use is with XObject Forms to indicate whether the value is inherited or explicitly set. PDFEdit ignores the wasSetFlags flag, so you must initialize the AT_PDE_TEXTSTATE fields.
charSpacing AT_PDF_FIXED Character spacing was set, corresponding to the Tc operator.
wordSpacing AT_PDF_FIXED Word spacing, corresponding to the Tw operator.
renderMode LONG Text rendering mode, corresponding to the Tr operator.
fontSize AT_PDF_FIXED Default is 1.
hScale AT_PDF_FIXED Default=100 (==100%)
textRise AT_PDF_FIXED Specifies the distance, in text space units that are not scaled, to move the baseline up or down from its default location. See Section 5.2.6 in the PDF Reference.
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