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API Reference Guide > PDF Component API Reference > PDF Component Objects Reference > Page Editing Objects and Elements > HIG_PDE_ELEMENT > IG_PDE_element_get_bbox

Gets the bounding box for an element.


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AT_ERRCOUNT ACCUAPI IG_PDE_element_get_bbox(
        HIG_PDE_ELEMENT hElement,


Name Type Description
hElement HIG_PDE_ELEMENT An element whose bounding box is obtained.
lpBBox LPAT_PDF_FIXEDRECT Pointer to an AT_PDF_FIXEDRECT structure specifying the bounding box of hElement, specified in user space coordinates.

Return Value:

Error count.

Supported Raster Image Formats:

This function does not process image pixels.


The returned bounding box is guaranteed to encompass the element, but is not guaranteed to be the smallest box that could contain the element. For example, for an arc, lpBBox encloses the Bezier control points, not just the curve itself.

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