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Handle to the PDE element object. Base interface for the elements of a page display list (PDE content) and for clip objects. The general PDE element methods allow you to get and set general element properties.


IG_PDE_element_clone Makes a copy of an element.
IG_PDE_element_get_bbox Gets the bounding box for an element.
IG_PDE_element_get_dictionary Returns a Dictionary (OCMD object).
IG_PDE_element_get_gstate Gets the graphics state information for an element.
IG_PDE_element_get_matrix Gets the transformation matrix for an element.
IG_PDE_element_get_type Gets the type of an element.
IG_PDE_element_get_unique_id Returns some 32bit integer that is unique for all Element objects.
IG_PDE_element_has_gstate Tests if hElement has a graphics state information.
IG_PDE_element_is_at_point Tests whether a point is on an element.
IG_PDE_element_is_at_rect Tests whether any part of a rectangle is on an element.
IG_PDE_element_release Release the specified element.
IG_PDE_element_set_clip Sets the current clip for an element.
IG_PDE_element_set_gstate Sets the graphics state information for an element.
IG_PDE_element_set_matrix Sets the transformation matrix for an element.
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