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Handle to a PDF font object that is used to draw text on a page. A HIG_PDF_FONT has a number of attributes, including an array of widths and the character encoding.


IG_PDF_font_get_bbox Gets a Type 3 font's bounding box.
IG_PDF_font_get_charset Gets the font's character set.
IG_PDF_font_get_cid_systeminfo Gets Registry and Ordering information for a CIDFont.
IG_PDF_font_get_cid_system_supplement Gets the SystemSupplement number of a CIDFont.
IG_PDF_font_get_descendant Gets a Type 0 font's descendant.
IG_PDF_font_get_encoding_index Gets a font's encoding index.
IG_PDF_font_get_encoding_name Gets a string representing a font's encoding.
IG_PDF_font_get_font_matrix Gets a font's matrix.
IG_PDF_font_get_metrics Gets a font's metrics.
IG_PDF_font_get_name Gets the name of a font.
IG_PDF_font_get_subtype Gets a font's subtype.
IG_PDF_font_get_widths Gets the advance width of every glyph in a font.
IG_PDF_font_is_embedded Tests whether the specified font is embedded in the PDF file.
IG_PDF_font_set_metrics Sets a font's metrics.
IG_PDF_font_translate_string Translates a string from the hFont's encoding into host encoding.
IG_PDF_font_translate_to_host Translates a string from the hFont's encoding to host encoding.
IG_PDF_font_translate_to_ucs Translates a string from whatever encoding the hFont uses to Unicode encoding.
IG_PDF_font_translate_widths Translates an array of 256 glyph advance widths from their order in the PDF file into host encoding order.
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