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This function returns the type of Value Representation used.


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        const LPCHAR lpVR_string,
        LPWORD lpwLength, 
        LPWORD lpwRestriction, 
        LPBOOL lpReserved,    
        LPBOOL lpIsString, 
        LPAT_DCM_VR lpVr


Name Type Description
lpVRstring const LPCHAR Set to the 3-character text representation of the VR as used in the DICOM Specification, e.g., "PN", "CS", or "SQ." While these are 2-character codes, the end of line string termination makes it 3.
lpwLength LPWORD A far pointer that returns the size of the VR. This is the length in byes of a single instance of data that is of the specified type. For example, a VR of "SL" has a fixed length of 4 bytes per item. If the VM allows more than a single data value, then each one will take up 4 bytes. Other VRs have a maximum length. "PN" and "UI" both have a maximum of 64 bytes.
lpwRestriction LPWORD A far pointer that returns any restriction flags . These will be returned as constants that are defined in enumIGMedVRRestriction and begin with MED_DCM_LEN_. 
lpReserved LPBOOL This argument has not been implemented yet. Please set to NULL for now.
lpIsString LPBOOL A far pointer to a BOOL value that tells you whether the data of this type of VR is a NULL-terminated string or not. If TRUE, data of this type is a NULL-terminated string and could be printed using the print format %s. If FALSE, the data is an integer or other binary data type.
lpVR LPAT_DCM_VR A far pointer that returns an AT_MODE constant that identifies the type of Value Representation. See enumIGMedVR for possible VR values. 

Return Value:

Returns the number of ImageGear errors that occurred during the function call.

Supported Raster Image Formats:

This function does not process image pixels.


Supply a 3-character string (two alphabetic characters plus the end-of-string terminator), and this function will return one of the MED_DCM_VR_ constants defined in enumIGMedVR.

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